A Guide to Gully Trap Cleaning Services

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The internal waste pipes in your home can be become blocked very easily with hair, soap residue, grease and kitchen waste. Putting off clearing your drains may seem like a good idea at the time but you’ll just make them worse and have a bigger task cleaning them when you finally come to do it. If you have started to notice that your gully is started to give off unpleasant odours or is overflowing when you drain the bath then it’s time to get it sorted.

Now You May be Asking Yourself What is a Gully Trap?

In the home a gully trap is where waste water from your kitchen and bathroom is piped to before it is dispensed into the sewer. A gully trap is a basin in the ground with a water seal; this is what prevents the unpleasant odours of the sewer reaching the surface. They are buried in the ground with the top or surrounds raised above the ground level to prevent any ground water (rain) entering the sewer.

How Will Gully Cleaning Benefit Me?

It’s particularly important to keep your gully traps clean and clear at this time of year because excess rain water and leaves can cause a sudden increase in water flowing to the sewer through the gully trap, this can result in an overflow. Although the gully trap also acts as an overflow system so the sewage can overflow outside to prevent it from building up inside of your pipes and overflowing your home; It’s still essential you keep them free from blockages otherwise the water will not be able to flow freely, which will result in an increased risk of flooding and damage to your property.

If your home is suffering from blocked drains or gullies, we at A Better Service are here to help. Our team provide an extremely fast and efficient service so you can be sure that we will not disrupt your day. If you need more information on any of our services from gully cleaning to waste removal in Reading then give us a call on 0118 934 0104 or contact us here.