How To Prevent Your Drains Being Blocked

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If the drains around your home get blocked it could be due to a number of reasons. You probably won’t notice until it’s happened which can be unhygienic, produce unpleasant odours and also be a potential flood hazard.


• Always ensure that you scrape any remaining food on plates into the bin to avoid them going down the drain.

• Never pour grease directly down the drain. It may be a liquid now, but when it cools it will become solid, sticking to the inside of the pipes. Wait until it has cooled and put in the bin

• Make sure that appropriate soaps and detergents are used when washing up to break through grease and oil that does manage to stick to dishes.

• If possible purchase a removable sink filter which can collect any food waste whilst allowing the water to drain away.


• Always take any hair out of the plughole and throw in the bin. Excessive hair can clog up drains and reduce water flow down the pipes and drain.

• Make sure no objects such as hair grips and clips fall down bathroom sinks or showers as these can cause blockages as well as rust damage.

• Never flush objects other than toilet paper down the toilet, as they can cause severe blockages and an overflow of water

Signs Of Blocked Drains

When trying to spot signs of a blocked drain there a few tell-tale signs:

• Unpleasant smells coming from the plughole and drain.

• Slow water drainage. This is caused by the water not being able to flow freely down the pipes due to a blockage

• A gurgling sound when the tap is turned on or the toilet is flushed. This is the trapped air pushing up from the water that is trying to drain.

If you notice these signs it’s better to get the problem sorted as soon as possible to prevent any further damage as well as reducing the risk of flooding. So if you have a blocked drain we here at A Better Service should be your first port of call. Contact us through our online form, experienced staff will be more than willing to offer any advice or help.