Empty Your Septic Tank Ready for Summer

Posted on by Editor

Summer is nearly here and most of us will want to be in our garden, enjoying the sunshine. The last thing you want to have to worry about is your septic tank or cesspool overflowing and ruining the bit of sun we will hopefully get.

There are a number of reasons that your septic tank or cesspool should be regularly emptied, knowing when to empty it is always the hardest part. Here are a few tips to know when to empty your septic tank or cesspool:

•    If the grass around the septic tank or cesspool is wet, this is a sign that it is full and needs emptying quickly. They need to be regularly emptied to avoid overflowing like this. Not only is it a hygiene issue, it can also cause foul smells and an unsightly garden.

•    If the drainage from sinks or toilets has become slow or there are gurgling noises from the pipes, it may be a sign that it needs emptying.

•    Inserting risers in the tank can help you to determine the level of content in the tank or cesspool. If you notice that there is a build-up of toilet paper and solids, it may need emptying.

•    Are there any sewage smelling odours around your home? You should particularly check sinks, toilets and other drainage areas. A Fully functioning septic tank or cesspool should not have any odour issues.

Monitoring these tips should help you to recognise when your septic tank or cesspool needs to be emptied. However you should not leave it so long that they get into that condition. The size and how many people are in your household will depend on how often it needs emptying. We here at A Better Service recommend emptying it about once a year.

Emptying your septic tank or cesspool should be carried out by a professional to avoid any spillages. The waste also needs to be disposed of in the correct manner. We here at A Better Service, have the skill, equipment and expertise in emptying and cleaning your septic tank or cesspool in a quick and efficient manner. For more information on our waste removal in Berkshire and Reading contact us via our online form.