Why is Grease Trap Emptying Especially Important in Summer?

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Depending on what type of food you cook and how many people you cook for can have a huge impact on how often your grease trap needs cleaning. On a general basis it should be cleaned and emptied very regularly to ensure there are is no overflow as not only is this hazardous to the environment, it is also more difficult to clean up.

You should on average empty your grease trap once a week, the trap should be no more than 50-60% full when you empty it as if this is the case it is more likely to overflow. You should keep a record of how full the trap is and how often you have been emptying it, not only for your own references, but also for health and safety regulation purposes.

There are certain factors that can affect how often you should empty your grease trap, such as the size of it, how much of the food you cook is oily or greasy and if you do a lot of frying. One of the other major factors is the weather, due to the heat often brought on by summer your grease trap is likely to give off very strong and offensive odours. Not only can this affect your staff, it could also put off your customers, therefore having a negative impact on your sales. The fat and oils being stored in the grease trap will start to decompose over time and emit odorous gasses, with the warm weather this process will only speed up making it more unpleasant for you and your staff.

We here at A Better Service specialise in grease trap emptying and cleaning. We are a fully licenced liquid waste disposal company and we adhere to the highest standards set out by The Health and Safety Executive. When cleaning out your grease trap, we use our specialist jetting equipment to ensure there is no remaining waste. Once the waste has been collected, we dispose of it in the correct manner, so there are no harmful effects on the environment.

Having many years’ experience cleaning grease traps in Reading and the surrounding areas, we can quickly and efficiently empty your grease trap so there is minimal disruption to your working day. For more information on our services call us on 0118 934 0104 where we can answer any of your questions or queries.