How Does An Oil Interceptor Work?

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Thankfully, more people are now becoming environmentally conscious and are aware of the damage industrial waste is causing to the environment. As a business, you can do your bit for the environment, which will make your business greener and also prove to be more attractive for prospective customers. One highly effective way of doing your bit for the environment is through the installation of an oil interceptor.

An oil interceptor can help separate oil from water that flows out of car parks, road gullies and delivery vehicle storage units. An oil interceptor can prevent hydrocarbon-contaminated water from entering natural water bodies and soil. It can prevent streams, rivers, ponds and groundwater, as well as soil from getting contaminated, thereby reducing the risk of your business being held liable by the environmental agency.

How Do Oil Interceptors Work?

Basically, oil interceptors work by separating the oil from the water. They function as a trap for rainwater runoff from different sources where oil is present on the surface, and prevents the oil from polluting the soil and the water courses.

However, over a period of time, oil build-up tends to occur within the interceptor as well, which makes it necessary to clean the interceptor regularly. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the interceptor results in smooth and effective functioning; thereby ensuring that your business does not end up getting fined by the authorities or becomes the cause of environmental damage.

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With the help of our highly professional service standards, you can keep your site running efficiently, and you will also not risk flooding or any other environmental incident. If you have an oil interceptor installed at your site, do call us today to help clean and carry out maintenance services on your interceptor. You will see a huge difference in the way your oil interceptor functions once the equipment is cleaned, and the oil and wastewater is removed.