How To Check If Your Septic Tank is Backing Up

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Your septic tank is a complex system designed to control the waste and water from your home, filtering out all of the sludge and allowing the water to drain away. As with any complex system there are times when the system has a slight break down and doesn’t work as it should. So how can you tell if your septic tank is backing up? Carry out these simple checks to find out:

1. Run The Tap – This is an extremely simple test; run the tap and check the rate of the drainage. If it is slower than usual it may be a sign that your septic tank is backing up. Flushing the toilet is another way to check this, and if the water rises up before slowly draining it could also be sign.

2. Check Your Garden – If your septic tank is backing up, the tank itself may be overflowing from the additional waste and water going into the system when it could already be too full. Check around the tank to see if the area is more moist than usual. The grass around the tank may be very wet and marshy, as well as other areas in the garden. These areas also may have a strong sewage smell indicating that your tank has overflowed.

3. Call In A professional – If the first two tests have come back positive then it is very likely that your septic tank is backing up and needs to be emptied, by calling out a waste disposal specialist they can use a special stick to measure the amount of sludge and scum within the tank and see if it needs to be emptied. This will remove all of the sludge and scum and provide you with a fully functional septic tank once again.

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